Snap Shots From Reality

I met Jackie through a common friend. Two weeks earlier, she had been diagnosed with uterine cancer and now wanted her body documented before treatment. I wanted to photograph Jackie to show how fragile life is and how quickly everything can change.

Sweden, UK, USA 2005, 9'
Director&Photographer Johanna St Michaels
Voice Over Victoria Scarborogh
Music Matt Johanson/THETHE
Beta SP, English Version, Color.
Johanna St Michaels Productions 2005

Special Mention, Nordisk Panorama, Bergen 2005:The film at the tame time conveys warm esthetics and cold shock. It grips us by beautiful pictures and by the ugly pictures, by brilliant music and challenging text and we are almost not allowed to take a breath. It is the film that brings unique insight in the reality of a being a women. We find that it is still very rare for an audience to see women on the screen differently than from the man´s perspective. And due to that we have decided to give the Special Mention to the film which tells the story about the life and death of a women in a very precise way. The first Special Mention goes to the Snapshots from the Reality by Johanna St Michaels.

Nominated to Best International Short- Birdeye View Film festival, ICA, London 2007

Rooftops,New York, 2007
Bird Eye’s View , ICA, UK 2007
Sheffield filmfestival, UK 2006
IndieLisboa, Portugal 2006
Fox Days, filmfestival, Finland 2005
Nordisk Panorama, Bergen 2005
Tempo filmfestival 2005
Uppsala filmfestival 2005
Göteborgs filmfestival 2005