Going Live

We live through celebrities. We watch them day and night from our bedrooms and offices. Is it to get a bit of glamour or is it have somebody to share our everyday life with?
Going can always be seen through a webb camera. He has his own home page, fan club, cake and a song made to his honor. After not such a good last season is he now going to compete in the first big international race of the year. Is he going to live up to the press from the media but most of all to his fans expectations? It is said all of Sweden is keeping its fingers crossed for him

Premier 2009 SVT, Sweden

Documentary, color, 14min, Beta SP,
Cast: Going Kronos, Lutfi Kolgjini, Tommy Högenberg
Director&Producer Johanna St Michaels
Photo. Christian Condor Ljungeus, Kristina Meiton, Hans-Erik Therus, Johanna st Michaels,
Editor Kristina Metion
Music Matt Johnson/THETHE
Sound design Christian Holm

Financed by SVT and FILMIVÄST
Johanna St Michaels Production 2008